Budweiser & Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials

Anheuser-Busch has paid an estimated $16 million for ad time during Super Bowl XLII, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. The company's Budweiser and Bud Light Super Bowl commercials are usually among the game's most popular ads. They create dozens of Super Bowl ads and then choose 8 to air during the SuperBowl.

One Budweiser commercial this year is based on the Rocky movie, with a horse named "Hank" trying to make the team of Budweiser Clydesdales.

In a humorous Bud Light commercial, a cave man invents a wheel to help the guys carry a cooler of beer.

According to WSJ, other Anheuser commercials on tap for the 2008 Super Bowl include a fire-breathing man impressing his date and a woman with x-ray vision checking out a construction worker.

The popular comedian Carlos Mencia returns to the Super Bowl as an English teacher in another commercial.

Another ad involves a cat and another includes a man who brings a big wheel of cheese to a wine and cheese party.

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