NFL Super Bowl commercial

The National Football League chose a fan's idea for an NFL Super Bowl commercial.

Gino Bona's winning commercial pitch shows depressed guys paying off their bar tabs because football season has come to an end. The ad will air at the two minute warning of the game's 4th quarter.

It's hard to say goodbye...

Preview Budweiser Bud Light commercials

Nine Super Bowl commercials this year will advertise either Budweiser or Bud Light. Some ads use humor. Other spots are more emotional.

Snippets of each commercial are available now. Click below to preview the Super Bowl ads.

Here's a 30-second spot.

Blockbuster Super Bowl ad

Blockbuster's Super Bowl commercial brings back a rabbit and guinea pig who debuted in a 2002 Super Bowl ad. This year's commercial focuses on online DVD rental subscriptions.

The computer animated duo will use their Super Bowl ad time to talk about Blockbuster's Total Access program, which allows online subscribers to swap DVDs at its stores.

Blockbuster's online competitor, Netflix is skipping out on a Super Bowl commercial, advertising instead on the Oscars.

Print, online and TV for HP

To promote its first ever Super Bowl commercial, HP placed a print ad in this weekend's Wall Street Journal, advising viewer not to step away from the tv during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.

The 30-second Super Bowl ad shows how the Orange County Choppers bikers use an HP computer, including making videos and song downloads.

As part of a multimedia advertising approach, Game Day Specials are available now on the HP website.

After the big game, the HP Super Bowl commercials and a “making of” video will be available on the HP website.


Heart Attack on Super Bowl Sunday

This year we'll watch a Super Bowl ad without a mention of the company or product sponsor.

King Pharmaceuticals will broadcast a 60-second commercial late in the first half of the game and a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl post-game show.

In this Super Bowl ad, a man dressed like a big, red "heart" walks down the street when he's kidnapped by risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, weight problems and high cholesterol. They beat him up in an alley. The commercial provides an educational website for the American Heart Association.


Emerald's Super Bowl commercial includes Robert Goulet and focuses on nuts being an excellent source of energy when people need it the most.

Videos, literature and interactive media are now available on the Emerald nuts website.

The 30-second Super Bowl commercial will air in the third quarter and introduce the snack brand's new approach in offering a healthy source of energy during the midday slump.

Super Bowl tickets for life

Three new 30-second commercials for Sierra Mist drink will air during the Super Bowl and Pepsi Cola is sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show.

The Sierra Mist commercial will be broadcast during the first half of the game. In one ad, a karate student explains what he'd do to someone who tries to take his beverage. In another Super Bowl commercial, a hospital patient struggles to get a sip of his drink.

This is Pepsi's 21st consecutive year advertising during the Super Bowl and the first time sponsoring the Super Bowl Halftime Show. One person will win a special-edition Pepsi Super Bowl can crafted from sterling silver and inlaid with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires that is estimated to be worth $100,000. The grand prize also includes two Super Bowl tickets for life.

Best stuff on earth

The Super Bowl XLI television broadcast will include a 30-second commercial for Snapple. The Super Bowl ad will air in the 4th quarter. It follows a tea-loving pilgrim as he searches for EGCG - the metabolism-booster found in Snapple Green Tea.

This is the first Super Bowl commercial for Snapple. The spot was shot on location in China.

Watch the Snapple Super Bowl commercial now.