Go Daddy is in da game!

CBS rejected the first two ad proposals but GoDaddy.com's latest commercial has been approved for Super Bowl XLI.

The domain registrar has three ad slots for the 2007 Super Bowl. The commercial features Go Daddy Girl Candice Michelle and includes race car driver Danica Patrick.

Go Daddy's 2005 Super Bowl ad is considered by many to be the most memorable commercial ever. The network did not allow the spot to air a second time. You can see an extended version of the commercial here.

You can watch the two rejected ads for Super Bowl XLI (and outtakes) on the GoDaddy.com website.

Garmin Man vs Maposaurus

This year's Super Bowl will include an ad for Garmin GPS devices. It's inspired by 1960s Japanese monster movies. In the commercial to air during Super Bowl XLI, the hero uses a GPS to defeat an evil "Maposaurus." This Super Bowl ad includes the lead singer of the Grim Reaper heavy metal band.

Here you can view the Super Bowl commercial with Garmin man and Maposaurus.

Vote for Snickers most satisfying ending

During the first half of Super Bowl XLI, Snickers will run its first Super Bowl commercial since 2001. Two mechanics share a Snickers Bar in the humorous ad. You can watch the commercial here:

During the Super Bowl, consumers can visit the website to view alternative endings for the commercial. Viewers can vote for their "most satisfying ending" and the favorite ad will be the next version to air.

Select players from the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts have previewed the ad with the alternative endings.

Super Bowl debut for Izod and Van Heusen

Izod and Van Heusen will make their Super Bowl debuts next week.

During the game's third quarter, a commercial will use computer-generated graphics to show a man's outfit changing throughout the day while wearing Van Heusen apparel.

Tyler, winner of "Amazing Race", will appear in Izod's 4th quarter ad for PerformX sportswear. The 30-second spot features men's and women's active sportswear. The commercial previously aired during the holiday shopping season.

Here are the Super Bowl ads from Izod and Van Heusen.

K-Fed's controversial Super Bowl ad

During the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl, Nationwide insurance company will air a commercial starring Kevin Federline (K-Fed). This Super Bowl ad has already caused controversy. The commercial shows Federline perfoming in a rap video, surrounded by wads of cash and scantily clad women. Then we see that he’s only dreaming while working behind the counter at a fast food restaurant.

The National Restaurant Association has complained that the tv spot is insulting to restaurant workers. K-Fed says the commercial only makes fun of himself.

Eight bonus scenes are now available on Nationwide's website.


Memorable Super Bowl moments

The Super Bowl is the hottest advertising venue around the world. Advertisers are paying a record $2.6 million for a 30 second spot in Super Bowl XLI. Companies started planning for this event months ago and have invested millions of dollars to produce their Super Bowl ads.

A winning Super Bowl commercial can pay off greatly for an advertiser. Just ask Bob Parsons, chief executive and founder of GoDaddy.com. The internet domain registration company was relatively unknown until hitting it big with a controversial Super Bowl commercial in 2005, featuring the now-famous "GoDaddy Girl." The Super Bowl is now the primary focus of the company's marketing strategy and advertising budget.

Apple is another company with a strong connection to Super Bowl advertising. The computer company launched the Apple Macintosh personal computer with a 60 second ad during Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. Fifteen years later, TV Guide named it the greatest commercial of all time.

This year's Super Bowl broadcast should include many memorable moments. Not only on the field but also on the air during game breaks. Here's what we're watching:

HP (Hewlett-Packard) makes its Super Bowl debut... Kevin Federline makes fun of himself... GoDaddy has been approved for another ad... Snickers joins the Super Bowl frenzy... Frito Lay called on customers to submit Doritos commercials...