Carmen Electra Chews Gum for the Super Bowl

Carmen Electra appears in a Super Bowl commercial to promote Hershey's Ice Breakers Ice Cubes chewing gum.

Here's a brief preview of Carmen Electra's Super Bowl ad:

More on the Under Armour Protype Super Bowl Commercial

Earlier this week, we told you about Under Armour's Super Bowl ad to promote the new Prototype cross trainer shoes.

The 60-second commercial in the Super Bowl's first quarter includes two dozen popular athletes. Among the participants:
  • NASCAR driver Carl Edwards
  • Indianapolis Colts safety Bob Sanders
  • Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis
  • Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano
  • Figure skater Kimmie Meissner
  • Former Dallas Cowboys player Eric "Big E" Ogbogu
  • San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis
  • Snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis
  • Freeride skier Jen Hudak
And a commenter on our earlier post informed us that a Baltimore Sun blog reports that Orioles prospect Billy Rowell appears in the Super Bowl commercial. As an extra???

Visit UnderArmour.com to view ad previews or to learn more about the Prototype cross training product line.

Napoleon's Garmin Nuvi Super Bowl Commercial

Garmin's 2007 Super Bowl commercial introduced us to the Maposaurus but the ad was widely criticized by viewers. The company returns to the big game in 2008 with a new 30-second Super Bowl ad during the 2nd quarter.

The commercial shows an apparently driverless small red automobile driving quickly through Paris and on to the French countryside. A Garmin Nuvi provides directions. At the end of the commercial, Napoleon steps out of the car and places the GPS (and his hand) across his chest and into his jacket pocket.

It looks like Garmin has a winner with this year's SuperBowl commercial.

Watch the extended version of the Super Bowl 42 commercial now.


Justin Timberlake Goes Nuts for Pepsi

This slapstick humor, stunt-filled ad from Pepsi features Justin Timberlake and promotes PepsiStuff.com. You can collect points and redeem them for prizes such as DRM-free MP3 music downloads from amazon.com. Don't wait for the Super Bowl. Watch this Pepsi commercial now.

GMC's Going Green in the Super Bowl

A 60-second commercial in the second quarter is GMC's first Super Bowl ad. General Motors is using the spot to promote the new GMC Yukon hybrid. The commercial will include animation from an Oscar-nominated short film by Marcell Jankovics. The ad intends to demonstrate that you don't need to compromise size, comfort and safety to get hybrid technology.

Chevrolet will advertise during the pre-game and Cadillac is sponsoring the Super Bowl MVP award.

Pepsi's Silent Super Bowl Commercial

This ad will air during the Super Bowl pre-game show. It speaks for itself... watch it now.


Did the horse drink Vitaminwater?

Coca-Cola returns to the Super Bowl advertising stage. Final plans haven't been announced but expect Coca-Cola to choose three commercials from about a dozen ads that are being tested.

One Super Bowl XLII commercial features Shaquille O'Neal as a jockey drinking Coke's Glaceau Vitaminwater.

Another 60-second Super Bowl ad will promote Coke Classic.


Bridgestone joins Super Bowl XLII

The Bridgestone Firestone tire company makes its Super Bowl debut with two 30-second commercials and sponsorship of the halftime show featuring Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

In the first commercial, airing between the first and second quarters, the tires keep a motorist from running over a squirrel on the road.

The second ad runs during the third quarter and features fitness guru Richard Simmons, 1970s rock singer Alice Cooper and a squirrel.

A sneak peek of the Super Bowl ad is available now.

Toshiba brings HD DVD to the Super Bowl

Toshiba's 30-second Super Bowl ad will highlight three lower-priced HD DVD players: HD-A3, HD-A30 and HD-A35. No further details are available.

"It has always been our strategy to reach HDTV owners, using advertising on football is just one vehicle," a Toshiba representative told Home Media Magazine.

The competing format, Blu-Ray does not have a Super Bowl commercial.

That's nutty!

Planters nuts will make its Super Bowl debut with a 30-second commercial targeted to men. Not many details have been released but the 2nd quarter Super Bowl ad will feature men being "drawn" to Planters' nuts.

Planters' parent company, Kraft, last advertised during the Super Bowl 10 years ago.

Did we miss the Super Bowl?

The Boston Globe is prepared for the New England Patriots to have won the Super Bowl and completed a perfect season with a 19-0 record.

Amazon.com is now taking pre-orders for a 128-page paperback titled 19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots by The Boston Globe.

Could we pre-order a DVD of the Super Bowl commercials???

UPDATE: The above-mentioned book is no longer available at amazon.com. However, you can now pre-order a 2008 Super Bowl championship hardcover book for either the
New York Giants or the New England Patriots.

At this time, the Giants commemorative book is a few dollars cheaper than the Patriots championship book. Simple economics?

Watch GoDaddy Super Bowl ads now

Today GoDaddy made their two approved Super Bowl commercials available for viewing at godaddy.com.

The website also has a preview of the Danica Patrick commercial rejected by Fox. The full ad will be available for viewing on Super Bowl Sunday.

Why was the ad rejected? Here's the explanation from GoDaddy's CEO, Bob Parsons:
As I pointed out in my last article, Fox refused "Exposure" because in the ad, we called actual beavers, "beavers!" In refusing the ad, Fox informed us that if we referred to the furry, damn building rodents or beavers by something other than "beavers" the ad would be approved.

Bob describes the rejected commercial like this: "It’s edgy, it's relevant, it's hot and it’s hilarious."

Visit godaddy.com to see the Super Bowl commercials.


GoDaddy is back!

After ten submissions, GoDaddy has received approval from Fox for a Super Bowl ad. GoDaddy will air a Super Bowl commercial to direct viewers how to view the ad that was rejected by Fox Network. The rejected commercial will be available on the GoDaddy website on Super Bowl Sunday only. But you can view a video snippet of “Go Daddy Girl” Danica Patrick unzipping a Go Daddy leather jacket right now on the GoDaddy.com website.

Fox rejected the ad when GoDaddy refused to remove the word “beaver” from the commercial. “Call me old fashioned, but I believe in America it’s ridiculous to have to refer to a beaver by something other than its real name,” Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons wrote on his blog. Animatronics beavers appear in the ad.

The popular GoDaddy ads from other Super Bowls are also available for viewing on the website.

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest

Doritos is running a contest where undiscovered musicians submit video performances of original songs. Its 60-second Super Bowl commercial, airing between the first and second quarters, will showcase the winning music video, selected by voters online.

Three finalists will each receive $10,000 and will fly to Phoenix for the announcement of the winner of the Doritos "Crash The Super Bowl" contest. The winner also gets a record contract.

The finalists are
* Kina Grannis of Austin, TX, “Message From Your Heart,”
* Landon Austin of Dallas, “Waitin”
* Nivla, featuring P. Oberoi of New York, “Be Easy”

Voting ends Sunday, January 27.

CareerBuilder: "Start Building"

CareerBuilder.com fumbled during last year's Super Bowl with an office jungle ad. That campaign isn't returning in Super Bowl XLII. But CareerBuilder does return to the Super Bowl for the fourth straight year.

CareerBuilder has two 30-second ads - one in the 2nd quarter and the other in the 3rd quarter of the game. The new ad campaign targets disgruntled workers stuck in a career funk. The company is encouraging workers to move on to a better job, using elements such as spider attacks, a raging heart, an unusual rescue, self-intervention and an overbearing boss.

Victoria's Secret Super Bowl

Victoria's Secret is using Super Bowl XLII to launch its Valentine's Day promotion. The lingerie company will advertise during the game and host a VIP and celebrity pre-game party. Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima stars in the 30-second Super Bowl commercial, sitting in a chair, tossing a football and flirting. Angels Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova and Selita Ebanks will appear at the party in Arizona.

It will be Victoria's Secret's first Super Bowl ad since 1999.

Under Armour's Prototype Cross-trainer

Athletic sportswear maker Under Armour makes its first Super Bowl appearance with a 60-second commercial during Super Bowl XLII. Under Armour is spending one-third of its annual media budget on the first quarter ad.

Under Armour's spot, featuring former NFL player Eric Ogbogu, will unveil "Prototype" - a new line of cross-training shoes. The Under Armour cross-trainer shoe will be available for purchase in May at underarmour.com. The commercial can also be viewed on the website.

Budweiser & Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials

Anheuser-Busch has paid an estimated $16 million for ad time during Super Bowl XLII, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. The company's Budweiser and Bud Light Super Bowl commercials are usually among the game's most popular ads. They create dozens of Super Bowl ads and then choose 8 to air during the SuperBowl.

One Budweiser commercial this year is based on the Rocky movie, with a horse named "Hank" trying to make the team of Budweiser Clydesdales.

In a humorous Bud Light commercial, a cave man invents a wheel to help the guys carry a cooler of beer.

According to WSJ, other Anheuser commercials on tap for the 2008 Super Bowl include a fire-breathing man impressing his date and a woman with x-ray vision checking out a construction worker.

The popular comedian Carlos Mencia returns to the Super Bowl as an English teacher in another commercial.

Another ad involves a cat and another includes a man who brings a big wheel of cheese to a wine and cheese party.