Watch GoDaddy Super Bowl ads now

Today GoDaddy made their two approved Super Bowl commercials available for viewing at godaddy.com.

The website also has a preview of the Danica Patrick commercial rejected by Fox. The full ad will be available for viewing on Super Bowl Sunday.

Why was the ad rejected? Here's the explanation from GoDaddy's CEO, Bob Parsons:
As I pointed out in my last article, Fox refused "Exposure" because in the ad, we called actual beavers, "beavers!" In refusing the ad, Fox informed us that if we referred to the furry, damn building rodents or beavers by something other than "beavers" the ad would be approved.

Bob describes the rejected commercial like this: "It’s edgy, it's relevant, it's hot and it’s hilarious."

Visit godaddy.com to see the Super Bowl commercials.

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