GoDaddy is back!

After ten submissions, GoDaddy has received approval from Fox for a Super Bowl ad. GoDaddy will air a Super Bowl commercial to direct viewers how to view the ad that was rejected by Fox Network. The rejected commercial will be available on the GoDaddy website on Super Bowl Sunday only. But you can view a video snippet of “Go Daddy Girl” Danica Patrick unzipping a Go Daddy leather jacket right now on the GoDaddy.com website.

Fox rejected the ad when GoDaddy refused to remove the word “beaver” from the commercial. “Call me old fashioned, but I believe in America it’s ridiculous to have to refer to a beaver by something other than its real name,” Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons wrote on his blog. Animatronics beavers appear in the ad.

The popular GoDaddy ads from other Super Bowls are also available for viewing on the website.

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